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April 2007
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Part 2

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Part 2     72:11
Miss Money - Xcursion (2002)
Jenro - Try It (2006)
Queer Pen - Girlfriend (1997)
CWA - Chickenhawk (1995)
Dutchboy - Funky Bisexual (2003)
Rainbow Flava - Sweet Playa (2000)
Tori Fixx Interview, continued
Tori Fixx - Anthem (2004, with Katastrophe, Dutchboy,     and Aggracyst)
Tori Fixx & Johnny Dangerous - Area Code 404 (2004)
Tori Fixx - Take Care of U (2002)
Tori Fixx - Code Red (2007)
No Time - Gay Gangstas (1997)
Common - Between Me, You & Liberation (2002)
Soce - Movin' On (2006)
Soce - I Am So Gay (2005)
Anthony Antoine - Dontueva (2005)
Salvimex - Tributo A Mi Tierra (2006)
Team Gina - ButchFemme (2007)
Melange Lavonne - Gay Bash (2007)
Delacruz - Gay Pride (2006)

Miss Money  Miss Money  Miss Money

Above, Houston's Miss Money, and below left and center, JenRO. Queen Pen is at right.

  JenRO CD  JenRO  Queen Pen 

The only shot I could find of of CWA was a very small one from the liner notes of the 1995 CD "Outpunk Dance Party," from where I got their song "Chickenhawk." Another track by them is found on "Stars Kill Rock," from 1993.

  CWA  comps featuring CWA


Dutchboy Rainbow Flava

Above, Dutchboy and the 2nd Rainbow Flava CD (2000)

More Tori Fixx Interview

Tori Fixx    Tori & JD, 2005, at the Outmusic Awards

Above right, I first got to meet Tori at the Outmusic Awards in Chicago, in 2005

No Time CD "Smoke This Album"  Common's CD "Electric Circus"

Above, the group No Time's CD "Smoke This Album" included the homophobic "Gay Gangstas," in 1997, and in 2002 rapper Common sort of apologized for his past anti-gay slurs. Below, Soce the Elemental Wizard showcases lots of styles in his music, and at right, that's Anthony Antoine and his "Closets on Fire' album.

Soce  Soce CD  Anthony Antoine

Salvimex  Team Gina

Above, Spanish-language queer hip hop? Sure, with the group Salvimex, who were part of the Homo Revolution Tour. And above, done with a sense of humor, Team Gina gives us "Gina Gina Revolution." Gina Young has also released several very in-your-face punkish solo albums, well worth checking out.

Melange Lavonne  Delacruz

Closing this segment are Melange Lavonne and Delacruz with two very queer songs, "Gay Bash" and "Gay Pride."

Melange's 2008 CD "The Movement"


  most of the Homo Revolution Tour artists

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