Part 2
Hour 2

aPRIL 2006

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In conjunction with these two shows, I've added a new section to my website: Drag Artist Discography, which gives photos of the artists and recordings, and articles and other information, kind of a resource center. This will also allow me to provide just a couple photos of each of the 35 artists on the three sections of Part 2 of this show. Click to get there.

Part 2         64:16
Trinity - Sing Sing Sing (With a Swing) (1999)
Trinity - Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (1998)
Kevin Aviance - Home (1999)
Kevin Aviance - Alive (2002)
Ridiculous Theatre Company -
     Thank God He Made Me a Drag Queen (1992)
Steven Brinberg - Funny Girl (1999)
Randy Roberts - Fag Hag Blues (1999)
Shirley Q Liquor - Bull Dagga Bar / Lesbulldaggas (2001)
Kiki & Herb - Fox in the Snow/Holiday (2000)
Varla Jean Merman - Reach Out and
     Touch (Somebody's Man) (2001)
Varla Jean Merman & Kristine Zbornik -
     Enough Is Enough (2005)
Mark Alan Smith - Harper Valley PTA (2001)
Genny Randon - I'm Your Drag Queen (2001)
Sestre - Samo Ljubezen (2002)
The Working Girls - If You Hold My Hand (2002)
Courtney Act - You Shook Me All Night Long (2003)
Della Catessen - Can't Help Lovin That Man - Am I Blue      - My Man (1999)
Scandelle - Speak Easy (2003)
Scandelle - Just Getting Started (2005)

Inspired by Della Catessen, I've compiled a list of clever drag queen names, click here.

I love the caption on Trinity's first album..."the next Lady to bust out of the jazz world may a Woman." And, gender aside, this lady can swing! That's coincindentally the title of her second CD, and something you can't help saying when you hear it.

The prolific Kevin Aviance has released many dance-oriented released, often making the Billboard charts.

Charles Ludlam was the founder of The Ridiculous Theatre Company, which carried on after his passing. It was the inspiration for the CD on the right, the source of the gem "Thank God He Made Me a Drag Queen" (1992)

Steven Brinberg's impressions of Barbra Streisand, to the ear and the eye, are perfect. And his touring has taken him all over the world. So far, just one CD though.

Randy Roberts for the last several years has been playing date aftere date in Key West, and he's followed up his 1999 CD with another, and has still another on the way.

It would be hard to think of a more controversial female impersonator in recent times than Shirley Q Liquor, the black alter ego of Chuck Knipp, who is white. In some cities, mostly in the North, there have been demonstrations that have shut down the show. Knipp dons the costume of a poor, black woman who talks mostly in ebonics, and it's a humor that makes you uneasy. Strange times, indeed, but Knipp seems to be prospering, with 9 CDs so far.


Kiki and Herb are the inventions of writer-performer Justin Bond and the pianist Kenny Mellman, and they've been popular fixtures at New York clubs for years. Their style, that of...gee, burnt-out third-rate lounge singers probably on speed, is funny and at the same time poignant, yes, hard to describe.

Well, wouldn't you expect the love child of Ethel Merman to be VERY talented? And Varla Jean Merman certainly is, with CDs, a DVD and movies ("Girls Will Be Girls") and shows to keep her, and her alter ego Jeffery Roberson, busy.

Dallas drag artist Mark Alan Smith does Cher, Bette Midler, Barbra, Judy, etc, etc, and put it all together in a 2001 CD called "Who Does He Think She Is?" and he was the subject of a 2003 film, "From a Jack to a Queen."

A recent Italian drag artist/DJ/producer is Genny Random, with several recordings already to her name. Her "Unplugged" CD is titled as by "Genny Random, Your Favorite Drag Queen."

Okay, I don't understand a word they're singing, but they sound good and I love their campy airline flight attendant outfits. In 2002 they were Slovenia's winning submission in the Eurovision contest, and finished in 13th place.

Two more foreign acts, The Working Girls, from The Netherlands, and Australia's Courtney Act. They all look like fashion models, certainly not your father's drag queens.

Scandelle has released a 3-track CD single in 2003, and has a brand new CD single this year, and they both firmly demonstrate his talent. Looking forward to more.
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