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yes, that's a tad redundant, but for my April Bonus Show there were songs that I could not include, due to FCC considerations. So I put a few of them into their own no-frills version of my show... just me introducing them. Click to hear it.

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Pajama Slave Dancers - Homo Truck Drivin' Man (1988) 1:48
Saddle Tramps - Homo Sweet Homo (2000) 2:05
Disturbingly Lonesome Cowboys - I Ain't No Okla-Homo (1993) 2:19
Disturbingly Lonesome Cowboys - The Diesel Dykes of Dixie (1993) 2:36
Mac MacDonald - Frisco Cowboy (1994) 2:48
Malone & Noocheez - Big Gay Jim (1993) 3:04
Brian Weeks - All Them Cowboys (2000) 2:56
Mean Gene Kelton - Texas City Dyke (1999) 4:46

Pajama Slave Dancers


Saddle Tramps, and (below right) DLC album cover, tasteful as you would expect


Mac MacDonald, and Malone & Noocheez


Brian Weeks CD

Houston artist Mean Gene Kelton