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Maxine Feldman
Photos & Clippings

Click for Interview in "Paid My Dues"

Click to see some historic magazine articles that include Maxine Feldman & Madeline Davis

I asked Karen about this album, and she replied:
"Maxine and I tried to start a label. We called it Rebecca Records. It was a poor attempt
as we didn't know what we were doing. It never got released and we only sold a few.
Someone (cannot remember who) asked to have the remaining stock. Mimi Jones
was a 3 sister group, some were lesbian, some were not. All the rest were lesbian.

photo by Barbara Hadden

What the photo below, scanned from a newspaper,
lacks in image quality, it more than makes up for in history...

11th Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, Aug 6-10, 1986
from "Windy City Times," photo by Mary Hochberg

I would have love to have been at the above show, to see Maxine (upper left),
Harrison & Tyler (next to her), Charles Pierce (left column center) & the others.

And, some more great early pics of Maxine Feldman...

below, recent photo stills (probably from 2001 or 2002) of Maxine, from the wonderful
movie "Radical Harmonies." This is a MUST SEE movie, click here for more info on it.

Above, from the Nov 1977 edition of Lesbian Tide, and below, from the January 1973 issue

Below, ad from Nov 79 ad in "Lesbian Tide"


Maxine and Lesbian Frequency

Click to hear a historic interview, and learn about Lesbian Frequency


Below, courtesy of Marcia Deihl (of New Harmony Sisterhood Band)
Gig Schedule for Boston's Oasis Cafe

Maxine died in August 2007.

In 2004 at the Outmusic Awards Maxine was given a special recognition award. Unfortunately she was not able to be present to accept it, and alas, never did receive it. I obtained several boxes of Outmusic memorabilia about ten years later and found the award. It had never been forwarded to her. I tracked down her surviving partner and made sure she received it.