From January 2000 until March 2015 "Queer Music Heritage" was both a radio show and a website, and the goal of both was to preserve and share the music
of our culture. It has become the resource on the net for the history of LGBT music. Each month's page gives the playlist and additional pages of info, and
you can stream or download every show; there's over 580 hours of
programming available. This is a deep site, covering over 2000 pages.
Thanks for your support over the years.

Photo by Alex Rosa / OutSmart Magazine / 10/20

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New Pages on QMH:
While no new shows are being added, I often add new graphics to a section, or new information to sections (like Gay Musicals) and even less often add an entirely new page, like these...(newest listed first)

Minette: Recollections of a Part-Time Lady, 1979 PDF Version Now Available (12/26/21)
Adam Block's Advocate Music Columns
Perry Wood, Dallas Cabaret Artist  (6/1/21)
Expanded section on Mona's 440 Club in San Francisco
"AIDS the Musical" 1992, Song Downloads (11/13/20)
Female Impersonation - Avery Willard, 1971

Helen Grayco - If That's How Nature Made Him 1976
Jim Stryker Speaks, spoken word 45 from 1961
Automatic Pilot Link to a Documentary Video
Brevities, additionsl scans from the Very rare early 1930s tabloids
Fred Barnes, Black Sheep of the Family, UK singer  (4/20)
Wilbur Hi-Fi White, Singer & Female Impersonator
Billy Tipton Tribute Pages, with huge additions
Female Impersonator Sheet Music for Herbert Clifton, 1918
The Committee, gay comedy sketch, 1964
Sisterblues & the Blue Suede Dykeband, 1979

Female Impersonator Michelle Tribute Program, 1975 (12/19)
Women's Music Calendar - 1982
Drugstore Cowboys, Sheet Music for a Very Fey song from 1924
Henry "Rubberlegs" Williams - Blues Singer and Dancer
Special report on 1950s singer Aggie Dukes

What Makes a Man a Man Song Collection
Program from Cherchez La Femme, Montreal drag revue
Special section on The Mustang Band
Adodi Muse: A Gay Negro Ensemble - Interview (a 2004 interview recaptured)
Addition of trans artist Habinata, from the world famous female impersonation club Le Carrousel of Paris
New additions to Gay Liberation Quire of Sydney page
Colonial Club, San Jose, female impersonator photos

Many additions to the Male Impersonator Section
Drag Program for Kenny Kerr, 1982
Vastly expanded my section on 30s/50s entertainer Dwight Fiske
Les Poe, very obscure 1930's artist, similar to Dwight Fiske or Bruz Fletcher
Arthur Bressan Jr, The Gay Music in His Films
Jackie Shane's New CD
Love Is A Drag, 1962 Mystery LP, Solved in 2012 & The Story of the Reissue, 2016
Voices for Life, Celebrating Houston AIDS Charities
Charlie & Ray, Late 50s Out R&B Duo
Gay & Proud LP, 1970

Fist Goodbody & The Hollywood Harlots...Torturous Listening
Homosexual Marriage--from "One" August 1953
Smokey...a Music History

Special Sections of This Site

Above, a central starting point to the
Women's Music on this site


The Drag & Female Impersonation sections of my site really could have been spun off into their own they comprise so very many pages of the site, and have been a major draw for people finding and visiting my site over the years. I never did that as on my radio shows I played scores of those artists, and wanted additional info I have on them to be handy. They represent probably the largest collection of this information on the internet.

As the graphic says, major sections include:
  a Drag Artist Discography, cataloging recordings of these performers
  Female Impersonation Galleries, for major performers of the early years
  Club Information and Programs for the famous venues
  Vintage Sheet Music of the 1920s/30s; drag club matchbooks
  a major section on the Jewel Box Revue

Please see these other special sections of my site

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There are a WHOLE bunch of special interest areas of our music history I want to point you to:

Gladys Bentley        Pansy Craze 

Ray Bourbon    Bruz Fletcher

Queer Blues I      Queer Blues II

Aaron Bridgers     Gertrude & Alice 

 Billy Tipton     Anita Bryant 

Bayard Rustin     Jose Sarria

Michael Callen      Harvey Milk

Billie McAllister

"Sissy Man Blues" History

Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon

The Real Story of "Big Bad Bruce"

Mark Weigle Tribute        Hey, Liberace

"Masculine Women, Feminine Men"

Steven Grossman Tribute

"Lavender Cowboy" Song History

Audiofile was a monthly music review segment carried by the radio newsmagazine This Way Out, on over 250 stations worldwide. It lasted 14 years, from 1997 through 2010. All segments are archived.

A companion show to QMH, OutRadio
focused mainly on new LGBT music.
The show ran from January 2010
through March 2015, all archived.
I began a music blog in 2011, and added to it fairly faithfully (over 200 entries) through 2014, when I launched my other large websites and put the blog way on the back burner...still, the material is on our music history, and you may want to make a visit.

I tried to make my last show, for March 2015, a special one, and it's a four-hour romp with Camp Music.   You can hear it Here, and the last OutRadio Here.
Also, to find all my websites, visit

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Very Miscellaneous


Above left, I've acquired a scrapbook from 1949, from Edinburgh, Scotland,
that tells of the 30-year love of Angus Fitzroy for Toby McCutcheon,
with photos, drawings and postage stamps to mark their world travels

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Perhaps the coolest compliment I've gotten, from Gretchen's Press Page:

image grab from her site, her idea...:)   

And, this listener paid Such a compliment to what I do, and what the artists do,
that I had to share it. I marvel at how well he summed it all up in just a few words.




and, above left, presented to me by Tret Fure, Thanks!


Two books about queer music came out in 2017, which you may want to check out.
Both are out of the UK. I think both are good, and both have their pros and cons.

Breaking Down the Walls of Heartache: How Music Came Out - Martin Aston
David Bowie Made Me Gay: 100 Years of LGBT Music - Darryl W Bullock

And in 2019 a Wonderful book came out about Women's Music...

An Army of Lovers: Women's Music of the '70s and '80s - Jamie Anderson (Link)

A good friend of mine, Matthew J Jones, has written an essay on the books, and the
essay has been published in the JPMS, and gosh, he sent a lot of love my way as well.

Download the Jones PDF

And I could not resist a chance to show that piece of 1934 sheet music,
which I have framed in my office.

Harry Roy & His Orchestra - We Love a Gay Song
Parlophone 1761, UK
Recorded at the Mayfair Hotel, London, 5/2/34
LISTEN     (vocals begin at 1:00)

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Now my site address goes directly to this page, as I guess it should have for a long
time, but I still love the graphic and wanted to keep it visible.


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